The Executive Summary is intended to become part of every WUSM faculty packet (for all
academic tracks) for annual reviews, interim appraisals, and promotions. This narrative
summary is intended to describe the impact of the candidate’s professional activities and
highlights the central themes, reach, and significance of the body of work.

Impact refers to the influence that a body of work has across a range of domains, e.g.,
scientific, clinical, community, economic, and policy.

The Executive Summary provides opportunities to explain how your work has influenced your clinical or research field, your learners, patients, our School and/or the broader community. For example, you may explain (with supporting evidence) the (1) number of beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries of your work and whether the impact is local, regional, national or international; (2) the magnitude of the impact on people, the field, etc.; (3) the time horizon of the impact or potential impact (e.g., short, medium, or long-term).