Robyn Klein, M.D., Ph.D.

Dr. Klein has been a faculty member at WUSM for 10 years while raising her 2 children. She shares family responsibilities 50:50 with her husband, who is also a physician scientist. When their children were small, they managed their career and family balance via flexible scheduling and help from a full-time nanny until preschool started. Through the years, they have prioritized family dinners where all share daily “highs and lows” around the dinner table to stay connected. They currently employ an after school nanny for pick up and rides to after school activities and utilize a monthly cleaning service. Dr. Klein stays engaged in her home life by scheduling family game nights, movie nights, and other activities. She runs with her daughter and has “homework help” night twice a week to stay on top of how the children are learning in school. Dr. Klein sincerely wants to help other women succeed.