All WUSM faculty members on the clinician track will need to have a comprehensive CV (Wash U format) and Clinician Educator Portfolio (CEP). Although the traditional emphasis for academic success has focused on the research environment, the CEP will highlight other scholarly activities, making this body of work visible and peer-reviewable.

The CEP is a supplement to the CV that is a detailed compilation of materials that expound upon and showcase the faculty member’s quality and extent of clinical expertise, educational scholarship, and other areas that are not covered in the traditional CV.

Development of the CEP should include reflection and interpretation of activities.  The CEP can be used as a tool for strategic career planning and development as a DOM faculty member for:

  • Career goals and objectives
  • Long term strategic plan
  • Personal theory of teaching and learning

Clinician Educator Portfolio Guidelines

Clinician Educator Portfolio Template

Additional information regarding Washington University School of Medicine promotion guidelines can be found under Appointments and Promotions/APGAR.