Christopher M. McAndrew, MD

Christopher M. McAndrew, MD

Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery

2023 Dean’s Impact Award Recipient

Christopher M. McAndrew, MD, showed exceptional commitment to patient care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Early on, he performed the first surgery on a COVID-19-infected patient in the Barnes-Jewish Hospital operating room. At the time, there was great uncertainty regarding the safety of surgery in these patients for operating room team members. In fact, there was anecdotal evidence that surgery on these patients presented an extremely high risk for serious infection in participants in these surgeries. McAndrew volunteered to take on the responsibilities for this patient. Given the concerns, residents did not participate. Colleagues were struck by the professionalism, dedication and commitment demonstrated by McAndrew and the thoughtful approach that he had to other staff members involved in care. Throughout the remainder of the pandemic, he provided trauma care to many patients with COVID-19. He was extraordinary in the way he remained dedicated to professionalism. His actions, dedication, commitment and daily care represented our very best qualities as members of the Washington University faculty. He is a superb surgeon, routinely performing the most complex musculoskeletal trauma care, who was truly an inspiration during this difficult period.

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