Douglas R. Adkins, MD

Douglas R. Adkins, MD

Professor of Medicine 

2023 Dean’s Impact Award Recipient

Nationally recognized as an expert in head and neck cancer, Douglas R. Adkins, MD, is known for his commitment to advancing patient care through clinical research. He continued to provide the highest quality clinical care throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, accruing more patients to therapeutic clinical trials than any other physician within the Alvin J. Siteman Cancer Center. His ability to sustain this tremendous level of productivity during the pandemic further highlights his commitment to excellence, sets an example for all faculty, and speaks to the way he motivates and supports his staff. Adkins adapted to the pandemic’s challenges by using technology and adjusting to flexible coverage schedules that would enable his staff to maintain appropriate distancing without compromising quality of care. A natural teacher, Adkins is known for his calm demeanor and commitment to a team-based approach. He ensures all members of his group know that they are valued, both as individuals and as contributors to the overall mission. Adkins always puts the patient first. His patients are uniquely impacted by COVID-19, often requiring extensive supportive care and frequent visits to the clinic for evaluations that require patients to be unmasked. Throughout the pandemic, Adkins continued to support and advocate for his patients to receive the best care. He further demonstrated his commitment to patient care and safety in his role as the inaugural chair of the Siteman Standing Data and Safety Monitoring Board, which safeguards the interest of study participants by evaluating the overall conduct of institutional clinical research projects. 

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