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From the Associate Dean

Well, believe it or not, again we have made it to the last Friday in June in the time of COVID.  I hope you have all had a good week. Up to yesterday the weather has truly been spectacular!  Unfortunately, the COVID case rate for Missouri of late has not been as auspicious as the weather.  Cases in Missouri have risen 40% in the past 2 weeks while hospitalizations have increased 15%, and we now have the undesired distinction of the highest new case rate per capita of any US state.  The increased case load is occurring outside the St. Louis metro region in more rural areas but none-the-less is a cause of great concern for all of us, especially with the Delta variant now spreading rapidly.  The statewide rate for those 18 and older who are fully vaccinated stands at 48%. Missouri’s vaccination rate is lagging behind many other states.  Please do everything you can to persuade all within your circles of influence to get vaccinated.  We hope that the governor and others with statewide influence also will increase their efforts to promote vaccination.
Looking ahead to the Independence Day Holiday next week, I hope that you can take a break from your daily work life to enjoy some relaxation and spend time with family and friends.  Here’s to good health and happiness!

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